Back in the day....all instruments were hardware and recordings were done on analog tape.....


Crazy Maze


 This cut featuring Gene Barrio on bass / Mike Langland on guitar / Tom Brechlien on drums / synth sounds programmed by Rory Kaplan / and myself on all the keys.


Aurora had a few line ups..pictured here from left to right are Curtis Nolan, Danny Pucillo Jr.,Gene Barrio and myself.

Not Aurora.. but a popular regional holiday hit.

"Christmas in Malibu"

Recorded at Hitsville studios ( Motown ) on the then cutting edge Synclavier system. The song was written by producer and ad beast, Joe Klein. At that time my partner at Motown was Dale Echnoz, who did quite a bit of button pushing. From a piano demo, the two us fleshed the piece out to help create this regional holiday hit. 

On the Aurora tab:

Heading back to the eighties, a bit of jazz fusion from the "Aurora Borealis" album.

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