Video and Visual Examples / Musical score and Sound Design

All Music and Sound Design by Mitch DeMatoff

Musical score for the movie "Escape"


Genre:  Dark comedy

An odd comedic French animated film.  The sound design was very prominent  to the score.

Trickster 3       

Genre:  Sci Fi / Adventure

Excerpt. A short film based around the Matrix concept. Sci fi. Dramatically intense and adventurous. The musical score and sound design was created to reflect this.

Tap Dance Bromance

Computer animated satire on Obama and GW. Music score was a play on the opening theme. The Tap Dance bit and Riverdance sequence were post scored to the existing visual.

Nosferatu / Count Orloff

Genre: Horror

Excerpt. Original score and sound to a classic silent horror film.


Genre:  Horror

2D animation based on Death School. In composing the score and designing the effects I took a dark Disneylike approach to the film.

Zodiak 7

Genre :  Ambient / Dramatic

An abstract computer generated film. I composed the score using an ambient and modern dramatic approach.

On the Aurora tab:

Heading back to the eighties, a bit of jazz fusion from the "Aurora Borealis" album.

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