Back in the day....all instruments were hardware and recordings were done on analog tape.....


The album recorded in 1982 features Mike Langland on guitar - Gene Barrio on bass -Dan Pucillo Jr and Tom Brechtlien on various drum tracks -Bunny Brunell, bass on track "In Search Of" -Mike Fisher on percussion -myself on piano, synthesizer and keys.

Track 1  Campaign 80

Track 2  Nightfall

Track 3  Crazy Maze

Track 4  Lady - arrangement by Mike Langland

Track 5  In Search Of - featuring Bunny Brunell

Track 6  What's Your Status

Aurora had a few line ups..pictured here from left to right are Curtis Nolan, Danny Pucillo Jr.,Gene Barrio and myself.

Song review: Whats You Status

  • From the Wonders of the World CD

Special guest: Russ Letizia on guitar

Released thru Crushing Notes Entertainment

Official Audio of "Great Wall of China" from the album Wonders of the World by award winning composer and producer Mitch DeMatoff. Mitch is best known as a member of the early 80's progressive rock outfit AURORA BOREALIS and recent years his 2016 debut release on Crushing Notes Entertainment, "Seven Moons". Click to buy track or album via iTunes:

From the upcoming Aurora Borealis CD release

Here are a couple of cuts from the newly to be released CD from the jazz/fusion band, Aurora Borealis. A combination of smooth jazz with fusion elements. The band features the compositions of Mitch DeMatoff and Mike Langeland.

  • A few tracks from the Seven Moons CD

Released thru Crushing Notes Entertainment

Not Aurora.. but a popular regional holiday hit.

"Christmas in Malibu"

Recorded at Hitsville studios ( Motown ) on the then cutting edge Synclavier system. The song was written by producer and ad beast, Joe Klein. At that time my partner at Motown was Dale Echnoz, who did quite a bit of button pushing. From a piano demo, the two us fleshed the piece out to help create this regional holiday hit. 

Song written by Mitch and Gayle DeMatoff. Gayle was the original bass player and vocalist for the female rock band, Vixen.

On the Aurora tab:

Heading back to the eighties, a bit of jazz fusion from the "Aurora Borealis" album.

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