Video and Visual Examples . Musical Score, Trailers and Sound Design

  • All Music compostions and music production examples below were created by Mitch Dematoff
Musical score for the movie "Escape"
  • Dune Trailer

Genre: Epic Fantasy


  • Scene from Jurrasic Park with Music

Genre: Epic Adventure / Symphonic / Emotional


Ghost in the Machine Trailer

Genre: Dark / Ambient

Music and some Sound Design

  • The Batman Trailer

Genre: Dark Drama


  • Monsieur COK ( Excerpt )

Genre:  Dark Comedy / CGI

An odd comedic French animated film.

Score and Sound Design

  • F9 Trailer

Genre: Action / Drama


  • 1917 Trailer

Genre: Drama


  • Star Wars EPIV Scene reviseted

Genre : Epic / Action

Music / an omige to Mr. Williams

  • Nosferatu / Count Orloff

Genre: Horror

Excerpt. An original score and sound to a classic silent horror film.


  • Trickster 3

Genre: Sci-Fi

Excerpt. A short film based around the Matrix concept. Sci fi. Dramatically intense and adventurous. The musical score and sound design was created to reflect this.

Score and Sound Design.

  • Tap Dance Bromance

Genre : Comedic / CGI

Computer animated satire on Obama and GW. Music score was a play on the opening theme. The Tap Dance bit and Riverdance sequence were post scored to the existing visual.


  • Deathinger 5

Genre : Fantasy / Horror

2D animation based on Death School.

Music and Sound Design

  • Zodiak 7

Genre : Modern Ambience

An abstract computer generated film. I composed the score using an ambient and modern dramatic approach.


On the Aurora tab:

Heading back to the eighties, a bit of jazz fusion from the "Aurora Borealis" album.

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