Production / Credits

Film and Television Clients past and present  
Escape     (feature film) Music Monte Brinson Productions / Motown
Unwrapped Music    High Noon Entertainment / Food Network
American Festivals Music High Noon Entertainment / Food Network
Hitsville Studio / Motown Music Publishing Demos, Film and Recording projects
Breed All About It Music High Noon Entertainment / Animal Planet
ADA Animations Music/Sound Design ADA Sports Networks Animation Shorts
Design Star Music Scripts Network / Auracle Music
Women of Guatamala Music

Independent Film

Valentine Pro

 Mings Quest        Music           High Noon Entertainment /
                                                  Animal Planet
 Nosferatu             Music           Brahn Entertainment / Discovery
Sound Design        Great Divide Pictures / Valentine Pro
 Black Canyon        
 Gulf Islands National Seashore            
 Pea Ridge National Military Park Battle (civil war)     
 Great Sand Dunes      
 Zion National Park      
 Saint Croix              
 Fort Frederica National Site        
 Shenandoah National Park          
Other credits:               
Starz/ Encore    .    Music      .       Channel ID / Promotional commercials
Chick Corea
A&M Records
IMG Production Music Library
Auracle Music Library
Audio Formula Music Library
Jobette Music
Channel 9 News Denver
Hearst Weather Channel / Jerome Gilmore Productions
Joe Klein
Ed Townsend Productions
Chris Hewitt / The Collective
Source Media Arts
Food Network
Animal Planet
CBS Sports
Hunter Douglas
Coupe Studios
Hewlitt Packard
Chatuau Recording Studios
Discovery Channel
Sound City Studios

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On the Aurora tab:

Heading back to the eighties, a bit of jazz fusion from the "Aurora Borealis" album.

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